“Stonehenge II” 😃

John and I have “built” a new landmark for this “new normal”!

Stonehenge II
Stonehenge II

Here’s the original famous Stonehenge in England:

Photo by Bernd Feurich on Pexels.com

Some of you may be wondering, what is the point of a Stonehenge II? Simple! John realized we need something to use to press elevator buttons and door-opening buttons downstairs, whenever we leave and return to our apartment. Think: laundry, groceries, etc. We need to avoid touching anything with bare hands. So he cut up empty toilet-paper rolls and paper-towel rolls; we use one for each downstairs “trip,” and one for each upstairs trip, and toss each one out afterward. Clever, no?

Take that, COVID-19!



8 thoughts on ““Stonehenge II” 😃

  1. I thought you had posted the same picture twice, but then I realized the bottom one was just a pic of some old stones someone had left laying about. They’re not very useful for pushing elevator buttons (though I’m sure they push someone’s buttons).

    Seriously, though, the paper roll idea is indeed brilliant. You ought to patent it. Except I’m sure the patent office is closed as they continue their longstanding tradition of distancing themselves from everyone in general (socially or otherwise).

    Congratulations on ticking the box on all three R’s: re-use, re-purpose, and recycle. You inspired me so much, that I’m about to go do that with one of my old posts. 😀

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    1. This comment is hilarious. It’s also funny. Well, it’s a bit amusing. But seriously, John and I chuckled our heads off. We’re thinking of adding them to our Stonehenge II collection. 😀


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