Up Yours!

OK, so it was time for my second colonoscopy. (def.: Colonoscopy, n. – an examination of the colon by means of a flexible fiberoptic instrument [colonoscope] passed through the rectum.) Oh, I forgot to tell you – don’t read this while you’re eating. 😂

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Vaccinaaation 🎶🎵

With apologies to Fermo Dante Marchetti and Maurice de Féraudy, composer and lyricist of the famous song, Fascination – perhaps best known as performed by Nat King Cole:

So: I have taken the liberty of writing a version that is perhaps more current, given these Covid times… My ditty goes like this:

🎶🎵 Vaccinaaation 🎶🎵

It was vaccinaaation, I know,
Time for a shot in my arm, for protection
Just a little jab, just a tiny stab
I was saved by a quickie injection

It was vaccinaaation, I know,
A second shot came along three months later
Just a little poke, it really is no joke –
My arm hurt like a bite from a ‘gator

It was vaccinaaation, I know,
Time to get boostered, just for “insurance”
Just a little pierce, just a little prick
No Covid! For I have resistance! …well, 70% resistance… approximately… they’re not sure…