14 thoughts on “Laughter: The Universal Language – #51

  1. So like, you know, are you sure she doesn’t work there? you know, cuz she seems like she would fit in perfectly, like, after 10:45 a.m. Most days. Like, you know?

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      1. No problem. My son, born in 1988, totally disagrees with him. He says it’s difficult for people his age to retire on a job because the benefits of staying aren’t worth it. For instance, his wife is an RN and there’s no retirement account. His job, as a soldier, takes care of her medically but there’s no 401K. Kind of interesting that a hospital, in the business to save lives, won’t take care of their employees when they are in need themselves.

        I can see my son’s point on that note but for the most part, I agree with the guy in the video.


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