A magic number I never imagined I’d reach!

As you can see in my partial screenshot below, I now have 600 WordPress followers; that is, 600 people who have blogs like mine have subscribed to my posts! (I’m also followed by 20 people who aren’t bloggers themselves.)

This June will be my 6th anniversary as a blogger. Thus far, I’ve published 836 blog posts… so it seems that I’ve produced an average of a little over 130 posts per year. And my blog has had almost 30,000 visits over the years.

A lotta water under the bridge!

I owe tons of thanks to my generous and helpful daughter, Kathryn Presner. Without her amazing knowledge of WordPress I would’ve been stuck many times over.


Here’s to another six years! Happy Easter, Happy Passover to all!

(Oh, and during my social-media “sabbatical,” I’ve read three books so far! Only about 200 on my Kindle to go! 😄)

18 thoughts on “600!

    1. Um, thank you, but as a rather lapsed Jew, I don’t really observe Passover. I mean, yes, slaves being freed and escaping their tormenters – good story! GREAT story, that “Exodus.” I feel the connection, the history, secularly. If that’s a word. But that’s about it…

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