A Sunny Vignette

You know when you read something that stops you in your tracks? This beautiful little piece did just that today. The writer is allowing me to share it with you. A sunny morning encounter, by Ian Hanchet.


This morning I awoke, arose, and as I entered the shower, the hot, steady stream of water on my body gave me such pleasure as never before. Like my whole epidermis was laughing, tingling, vibrant. I am grateful to be sentient and alive.

While walking the dogs through the park on this glorious morning I encountered a man who I have noticed several times before and usually just exchanged “bonjour” and I commented on his different scarves which were always colourful and made him look quite natty indeed. Today he was walking with a crutch, but exclaimed (in french)how glorious was the day and how lucky we are to live here and how it is only by chance that we are not in one of the trouble spots in the world.

Gilbert (we exchanged names) told me he had been born in Algeria and his parents had gone there from Spain in the 1850s He had seen many of his classmates slaughtered and he was spared merely “par le destin” (by fate). He has lived in France, Bahamas, Florida, etc. but here was the best. We talked about our disapproval of the gap between the wealthy and the “défavorisé” etc. and the absurdity of the “freedom” protesters and how much better off the dogs were than the humans.

So much to be grateful for this day. I am grateful to be able to have communicated in and understand another language and for the chance of being in a place where the water comes out hot, there is good coffee, the parks are well maintained and the sun in October allowed me to wear only a light jacket.


I was lucky to happen upon this lovely post on Facebook. Ian also has his own blog, Vignettes and Bagatelles, at: https://vignettesandbagatelles.blog/author/boyblueian/.

Multi-talented Ian is also an extremely talented musician, as you’ll discover on YouTube. Here’s a taste:

Thanks for tuning in! 😊🎶🎵

6 thoughts on “A Sunny Vignette

  1. Thank you so much! I am glad my little encounter brightened so many people’s day! I am truly humbled by the interest. One of my groups (Tumbleweed) is playing Mariposa Café on Saturday the 5th… reservations by test or phone at 514-699-5951.

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