Creamed Peas and Mushroom Soup

Okay, if ever there were a title more gag-inducing, at least for me, this would be it. I’ll tell you (mercifully briefly) why.

Creamed peas
Creamed peas
Photo (cc) by jeffreyw
  • Re: creamed peas. In 1957-8 the girls in my Willingdon School grade seven class and I happened to have a sadistic cooking teacher in Home Ec. I say that because she not only forced us to make a creamed peas ‘side dish’ – which my Jewish mom never in her life made, since white sauce was apparently considered Christian slop, er, I mean food – but she also made us EAT it. I won’t go into any more detail regarding this odious and embarrassing event.  Suffice it to say I never combined such ingredients again in my (almost non-existent) cooking career.
  • Re: mushroom soup. Not that I was ever forced to cook this, mind you, but I think just the sight of it must’ve brought back memories of that awful event above, and therefore I never even attempted to make it or taste it. I apparently passed down my dislike to my kids (unfortunately?)… so that whenever I decided I would order pizza for supper, and they asked me what we were having, I’d say with a mischievous twinkle in my eye, “Mushroom soup!” They’d go, “Yayyyy!” They knew right away I meant pizza. It was a code word, see?

I guess ya hadda be there! 😀

19 thoughts on “Creamed Peas and Mushroom Soup

  1. Christian slop! Hahahaha! I’d have to agree. Growing up the daughter of two depression era Catholics I can say I’ve had my fair share of creamed everything. I have a fond affection for things like this, but I understand how others may not. It’s an acquired taste.

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    1. The mushroom soup seems odd, since you’ve told me you only like *fresh* mushrooms. I would think the ones in the soup have been processed out of their little minds. If they had minds. 😂


  2. How amusing! I’ve had all kinds of food, but this would not have been the worst for me. I nominate tongue as being the grossest main dish I ever had to eat. Believe me, I would not have had a code word for it, just a gagging noise.

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  3. I pour cream of mushroom soup over chicken and bake it up! It’s Awesome.
    In your case, I guess it was all in the presentation—that junk in the photo would run away any kid and most adults 🙂

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  4. My 1960s mom was always cooking (I would say now, “assembling”) various Kraft, Heinz, and Campbell Soup products into our suppers. It took me quite a while into adulthood before I understood that you could make soup from scratch! Mushroom soup with peas on toast was a go-to for her (with canned tuna)


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