My Left Boot

Do you remember the wonderful movie, My Left Foot? Starring the fabulous actor Daniel Day-Lewis?

Well, I can tell you of a mini-movie plot starring me. I call it My Left Boot, because that’s what takes centre-stage in my life, whenever we get ready to go out on winter days.

This is the offending boot:

Now, let’s take note that it looks exactly like the right one, pictured here:

So here’s what happens when I put on attempt to put on my boots in order to go out.

  1. I put on my right boot. No problema.
  2. I put on attempt to put on my left boot… no go! I can’t… get… my… heel down… past the… stiff lower back of the danged thing. Ugh! Ugh!
  3. Husband John to the rescue. “Try this, dear.”

Gonggg! Why didn’t I think of that, silly me?! Why, it’s a “granddaddy” shoehorn! I should’ve thought of it! I already use the “grandchild” shoehorn which looks like this, to get my left SHOE on:

Anyway, the “granddaddy” worked like a charm. Although I had a bit of trouble the next time I tried it. John to the rescue again.

Now if only I could figure out how to keep my socks from coming off along with my boots when I take the boots off, I will feel complete! John? Anyone? 😁

5 thoughts on “My Left Boot

  1. Yes, the socks always like the boot better! How great that shoehorns are still around. I remember going to shoe stores when I was younger and the sales people would put on and (what I really enjoyed) taking them off, too. There’s something special about that.

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