The Good Old Days

Back in the ’80s I went through a songwriting phase. Most are kind of embarrassing to me now, but this one still resonates with me – and just maybe it will with you, too. Here are the lyrics.

The Good Old Days

Gone are the days of the five-cent ice-cream cone
Skipping rope is just a thing of the past
The radio shows I used to hear are gone
Life has changed now that I’m grown at last.


Well I sure miss the good old days
The fun we used to have
Running barefoot through the grass, and
Playing in the park
Carefree as a bird I was, and
Always game to laugh
Rode my bike up and down the street
Went home when it got dark.

What happened to the five-cent chocolate bar
My mother’s hair has gone from gold to grey
That field of clover’s now a parking lot
What happened to the dreams of yesterday?

CHO. – repeat.

I remember Tom who walked me home from school,
He carried my books, didn’t mind the heavy load
Now the schoolyard’s closed, Tom’s vanished like a ghost
Oh how I miss those precious days of old.

CHO. – repeat.

5 thoughts on “The Good Old Days

  1. Thanks for sharing!!! I too had a songwriting phase that is largely embarrassing. But not completely.

    I will share one of my less embarrassing songs, on a similar theme to yours. It’s called “I like that now.”

    In the church where I was raised
    in the town where I come from
    we would always do a play
    whenever Christmastime would come,
    and every December
    we would have to dress like shepherds.
    We begged them not to make us dress like shepherds!

    I didn’t like that then,
    but looking back, I like it now.
    Yeah, looking back, I sure do like that now.

    In the month when I was born
    in the province where I’m from
    we would always get some snow before
    the end of that month would come,
    and underneath our Halloween clothes,
    we would have to wear our snowsuits.
    We begged Mom not to make us wear those snowsuits!

    I didn’t like that then,
    but looking back, I like it now.
    Yeah, looking back, I sure do like that now.

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