Summer in the City – Six Decades Ago

Ah, the innocent ’50s!

Ellie & Queenie in 1956.
The summer I was 10, with my adorable spaniel-terrier mix, Queenie, in my arms. (Mom’s in the doorway.) This was in front of the upper duplex we rented at 5627 rue Terrebonne in the Notre-Dame-de-Grace area of Montreal. Every time I pass it today I feel a twinge of nostalgia.

I could write reams about those years. I think instead I’ll share with you some song lyrics I wrote about that era.


Gone are the days of the five-cent ice-cream cone
Skipping rope is just a thing of the past
The radio shows I used to hear are gone
Life has changed, now that I’m grown at last.

Well I sure miss the good old days
The fun we used to have,
Running barefoot through the grass, and
Playing in the park…
Carefree as a bird I was, and
Always game to laugh
Rode my bike up and down the street
Went home when it got dark.

What happened to the five-cent chocolate bar
My mother’s hair has gone from gold to grey
That field of clover’s now a parking lot
What happened to the dreams of yesterday?

[repeat as above]

I remember Tom, who walked me home from school
He carried my books, didn’t mind the heavy load
Now the schoolyard’s closed, Tom’s vanished like a ghost
Oh! How I miss those precious days of old.

[repeat as above]

© 1984 Ellie Presner

9 thoughts on “Summer in the City – Six Decades Ago

  1. I guess my memory’s going – something made me look back and see that I already posted these lyrics last November. 😀 Ah well! Ya got ’em again! But this time, with a photo!

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