Poems for Li’l Kids #1 – Danny the Dinosaur

People who know me best (okay, my daughter and son) know that I used to write poems. I wrote them when they (my kids) were very young, just to entertain them. At least they (the poems) started out as such, but over time I’d slyly work in a moral or two. Oh, not sternly, not with a thud, but with a ;-).

Here’s one of the earliest just-for-fun poems. Oh yeah, this one also includes a few of my little drawings done back then by way of (primitive!) illustration.

Danny the Dinosaur

Danny the dinosaur
Had a bad habit
He loved to chew on a leaf.*

“So what?” you may say,
But the trouble with that is
That one of the pieces
Would always get stuck ‘tween his teeth!

Danny - leaf stuck in teeth

One day Danny
Was not very happy
So he decided to do something about it.

He went for a walk
And went into a shop
Where they sold quite a lot
And he bought a big box – of toothpicks!

shop - toothpicks

Now Danny is happy –
He still has his habit
But he wears a smile on his mouth.

For when he chews on a leaf
And one little piece
Gets stuck ‘tween his teeth –
He uses a toothpick to pick it right out!

Danny-toothpick smiling

*[No no, not that kind, people, get your mind outta the drug den! :-D]

8 thoughts on “Poems for Li’l Kids #1 – Danny the Dinosaur

    1. Thanks Anne! This is a result of me (almost) never throwing anything out! LOL! Oh yeah, words sure are!! My son just got a kick out of seeing this again. (He last saw it 40 years ago!! :-D) This will be a weekly feature, until I run out of them!

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