Book Progress Report #13

Uh-oh. Number 13 is not my lucky number. Here’s the second rejection letter I just received:

Dear Ms. Presner,

Thank you for thinking of **** Press, and for giving us time to read your work. While we were impressed with the quality of writing and sense-of-humor throughout Surviving Hollywood North, we ultimately decided it wasn’t a good fit for our list. We wish you the best of luck placing it with another publisher in the near future.

All best,


Sigh. I consoled myself by catching an error in his letter. The grammar cop in me notes that “sense of humor” never needs hyphens. Yes yes, petty I know, but if it makes me feel better, why not!

So on to the next… and the next. I’ve decided I’m giving myself until the summer for my agent/publisher querying phase. After that, it’s on to self-publishing. NEXT!

16 thoughts on “Book Progress Report #13

  1. You are still further ahead than most people in the game. You have a finished work and you have the courage to submit it for publication. Perseverance is your best friend now. Best of luck in the painful movements ever onward.

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  2. Don’t be discouraged, Ellie. The publishing business is in flux, and it’s harder to find an agent or publisher now than when I started out. Keep trying!

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  3. It’s funny that you spotted an error. I’m sorry that it was a rejection letter, but from everything I’ve heard, that’s just how it goes for everybody when trying to get published. Before any eventual success, there are many, many rejections to go through. Keep at it! 🙂

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