Nutcases in the U.S.?

I didn’t think there were that many, okay? I said Trump would never win any primaries – voters have more sense than that. Then I said…

…he would never become the nominee. Republicans have more sense than that! Then I said that he would never win the damn election! Well guess what? There are that many nutcases in the U.S.

Oh, I don’t mean you, of course. No, not you, my nice blog reader. But thousands, way too many thousands of your countrymen and women, seem to be willfully deaf, blind and uncaring, just as your leaders are, of others’ suffering – starved, raped, beaten refugees; Americans dying who can’t afford health care; the environment, which is going to go to hell a lot faster now that your country is no longer a part of global efforts to slow the killing climate change that is already upon us.

And oh! I just love (←sarcasm font) the anti-immigration stance in general, held by too many U.S. citizens. “America first,” they scream. Well guess what? Guess who were actually in “your” country first? First Nations people, mistakenly called “Indians,” were living on the land for millennia before you!

Also this: “America First” is a neo-Nazi cry. Well I’ll tell you, my uncles (see below) must be turning in their graves now, because they (both Canadian and American) went to fight against Nazis during World War II. My Aunt Edie is still alive in Connecticut, in her 90s, unaware (due to Alzheimer’s) of the horror that is happening in America.


I do not use the term “horror” lightly. The so-called president of your country along with his cronies are perpetrating the destruction of American democracy – in “death by a thousand cuts” fashion. Have you seen this list? (I came across it on Twitter.)

Signs of Fascism list
Thank you, @WilDonnelly, for displaying these examples of fascist acts that either have already happened or are taking place RIGHT NOW.

I am afraid. I am very afraid. All good Americans – forget the nutcases – must make a stand. You must stand up for democracy, liberty, the rule of law and your Constitution. My heart is heavy but I wish you all the very best. ❤

8 thoughts on “Nutcases in the U.S.?

  1. Ellie, I was not one of the nutcases who voted for the current cretin-in-chief at the White House. Most of my friends are like me (voted for Hilary Clinton and are horrified & embarrassed by this loathsome, hateful creature). You are so lucky to have a leader in your country who is well-respected, well-spoken and most importantly, not insane. I think the whole world is afraid of what might happen. I remember JFK’s courage during The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Things have really gone downhill since those long ago days. Thanks for your best wishes. The whole world needs them. Take care.

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  2. As a Canadian I find it extremely disturbing that a certain percentage of Canadians have the same anti-refugee/anti-immigration sentiments as our neighbours south of the 49th parallel. Like Americans; Canadians, other than First Nations people; were ALL immigrants at one point!

    I am proud of Canada and our Prime Minister for stepping up as Trump revokes the TPS (temporary protected status) for Haitian refugees!

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  3. Well you already KNOOOOW what I think.

    Ellie, I’ve stopped watching the news. I guess I am hoping that if I quit looking at that mess it might collapse and slip away into a disappearing black hole.

    I am very worried about our future—maybe because I know the history.

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  4. Hi Ellie – I’m another Canuck joining the chorus. This business south of the border has consumed me for more than a year now, especially with the rise of like-minded “cases” on our side of the 49th.

    I take some comfort in knowing the more people around the world are examining their values in light of these events. They are articulating what it means for them to live in a safe and free world. And they are beginning to realize that if freedom and safety are important, then they must stand up for themselves and their neighbour.

    I just wish I heard more forthright condemnation from our Federal politicians.

    Which makes me realize – maybe I should let my MP know my feelings.

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    1. Hi Maggie, I appreciate your cogent remarks very much. I had to publicly express my feelings… but as you suggest, we could all go a step (or more) further. I’ll be writing my MP too. United we stand! Thanks again.

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