It’s been far too long. Way too much time has gone by since my last homage to kitties I’ve known and loved. Without further ado, I give you…

…Mr. or Ms. Nameless. Held by yours truly, around 3 years of age. I mean me, not the kitty. Which end is which? I have no idea. 😀 This was probably in Val Morin in mid-summer. I didn’t know the cat’s name since it wasn’t mine; it belonged to the farmer next door who kept it, I’m sure, for its qualities as a, er,  mouse-population controller.


Ellie+her Bubby

Once again this is little me, with my beloved Bubby in back. I seem to be holding another Mr. or Ms. Nameless. Or… could it be the same as previously? The stripes seem to say so, but I’m not sure, as I look about a year older here.


And here, decades later, we have Spooky! Dear ol’ boy, I had him for 18 lovely years.  I wrote a bit more about Spooky here. (By the way, in the intervening years between the nameless kitties and Spooky, a couple of the sweetest dogs you can imagine captured my heart. But that’ll be for another post, as this one is strictly feline-specific!)


And this – as many of you know – is Annie. Excuse me: Her royal highness. What a ‘tude this girl has! The rescue lady I got her from, Karen, was soooo thrilled that I took her. When Annie had been at Karen’s house, she apparently wanted to be ‘top cat’ and terrorized their ‘alpha’ feline to the point where Annie had to be kept separately in their garage. So the timing was perfect – I was ready for a new kitty, and Annie was available! In no time at all she made herself at home. You can see she soon felt comfortable anywhere in my apartment, in this post.

I’m done! Annie’s calling me! 😀

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