Windows on the Past – Looking in the Rear-View Mirror

A few snapshots from yesteryear…

Baby Ellen with Aunts Lil, Bertha, Ethel
It’s 1945! Who’s that teeny baby in the carriage, with three doting Aunties (Lil, Bertha, Ethel) & big cousin Larry? The caption on the back of the photo says – in my mom’s flowing cursive – “Baby Ellen – 1945.” I was a Libra baby.
Rosenburg family, 1947.
The Rosenburg kiddies with mom Ida and dad Sam on a summer outing, 1947. Neither my brother Danny (four years older) nor I look happy. I wonder why not!
Sweet Sixteen - Ellie - 1961
My Sweet Sixteen luncheon, 1962, shows me and my mom & aunts, left. I remember that green wool outfit, so scratchy/itchy!! The small pic at right was taken the year before, 1960, in a photo booth. Remember those?! I used to straighten my hair back then, to “fit in.” These days I just let the curls all hang out. 😁

Our lives fly by so quickly – all the more reason to save and label our photos for posterity. Hope you enjoy my little peeks into the past.



13 thoughts on “Windows on the Past – Looking in the Rear-View Mirror

  1. A gentler time. Before selfies and social media. Before Trump and Kim Jong Un. Before climate change and pollution. The late 40’s were a time of renewed hope. The 50’s, a time renewed prosperity. A decade marked by the reassurance of everyday television, and those promises made for a good life in the suburbs. As for the 60’s; a time of awakening and change. Coming of age in the 60’s was about the Twist, Bob Dylan, and then The Beatles; of social change and individuation. A sweet sixteen in the sixties…surely must have been like a sweet, sweet song!

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    1. How true, how evocative and wistful your comments are. The 60s were also marked by tumult and sadness, the assassinations… from 1963 on, this was the end of the age of innocence (1946-63). Sighh.

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  2. I do recognize those photography booths – weren’t they a quarter for three photos? I didn’t recognize you in your baby photo, but the young you I did with your curls, then you mentioned your curls later when you said you straightened your hair. Great pictures – so many nice memories.

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      1. That could be too and I’m just confusing it – they had the booths with the dark curtains at what we call “the dime store” a/k/a Kresge’s or Woolworth’s. Might have been Zeller’s in Canada?

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        1. At one time we had all three stores going strong! But they’re all gone now, the way of the dodo. (Sniff) now it’s just dollar stores everywhere you look. (A misnomer, since some of the items have crept up to 3.50 and over!)

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        2. I don’t think we have any left either and Walmarts and the dollar stores have taken over everything. Yes, they ought to rename the dollar stores. We must have about ten in our city alone, all with different names.


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