A Precious Memento

The things you find when you go through personal papers!

This is a 1939 copy of my mother’s birth certificate! Mom was born October 29, 1912 in Quebec City, and named Ida Merovitz. (The family later moved to Montreal.)


I have a lot of old papers going into the shredder, but this will not be among them!

Thanks for being born and being you, Mom!!!

Ida + BooBoo


P.S. – It’s odd that it lists her mother’s surname as “Liebe Zalnesnik.” I’ve seen her name in other places as “Lily Zelikovitch.” My guess is that name translations were somewhat inconsistent back then…



10 thoughts on “A Precious Memento

  1. How nice to find the original, plus have this photo as well … that was a nice little tribute to your mom. We can have many possessions, some cherished and some not, but nothing as cherished as the woman who gave us life.

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