The old grey mare…

…she ain’t what she used to be. Or is she?

Old white horse
Photo (cc) by Tim Green

This morning on Facebook someone said their apartment building was old. When asked how old, the answer given was: “It was built around 1943.”

That gave me pause. I was built – okay, born – in 1945. Does that mean I’m old?

Yes, yes, I know we’ve all heard the protests a million times before: But I don’t feel old… My brain hasn’t changed much since I was a young girl… I feel just as sprightly… (Well, maybe not “sprightly” – that would describe an old person, wouldn’t it?)

As it happens, I’m used to being told that I “look much younger.” Yet the inescapable fact remains – my birth certificate says October 8, 1945.

It’s true that around me are many people and artifacts my age and older. If I hear on the news, for example, that an elderly woman was injured by a bicyclist, I’ll think: Oh, poor old thing! Then I’ll hear that she was 72! Gaaack!

It’s funny – sometimes I embrace my age. I get the seniors’ delivery rate at the supermarket! Other times I’m totally opposed to age acceptance. Hey! He could’ve at least asked me if I’m a senior, rather than assuming it!

Well, I’m starting a new tradition: From now on I’m as old as I say I am (official documents notwithstanding)! I’ll just declare, depending on my mood:

  • I’m like a fine wine, vintage 1945.
  • I’m 39, with 34 years of experience.
  • I’m very youthful.
  • I’m very mature.

Basically I’m like the ol’ grey mare – there may be a lot of pasture under the hoofs, but I’m not fenced in any more.


5 thoughts on “The old grey mare…

    1. Love your words! I try to live by them too. It’s just that sometimes I get a bit – you know, sad, being on the downslope of the ‘mountain’ of life. But I don’t dally in that state, uh-uh, nope! Still got lots of energy!!

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  1. As someone who is going to be 70 in October (yes, a fellow Libra), aging does scare me. I also look younger than my years and I also am a bit offended when I get the senior discount at the grocery store. But at least I’m above ground. Many of my friends are no longer with us so I should be thankful that I’m still around. I’m a old grey filly!!! Baby Boomers Rule!!

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    1. Oh absolutely, gratitude is big in my playbook too!! I was going to mention the “better than the alternative” thing, re above ground, but in the end, did not. Yesss! Yay for us Boomers!!


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