“First Time on Swings”…

… and apparently it wasn’t fun!

See the caption? It’s not that my Aunt Anne wasn’t trying. She seemed determined that I enjoy myself… but it wasn’t working too well, was it? I was all of 20 months old, and probably thinking “Get me offa this thing!!”

As for where this was taken, it was probably at the closest park to where I lived, somewhere near Park Ave. and Bernard. Or maybe it was near my grandparents’ house, around Outremont and Lajoie.

Note the young boy in the background. Short pants with knee socks – typical 1940s wear, right? I think I was wearing a wool sweater and jumper. Maybe I was frowning because they were itchy? To this day I hate wearing wool against my skin. And I still hate swings!

By the way, I just noticed the date: June 13th. It was my father’s birthday – he would have turned 36 that day! Maybe Aunt Anne took me out to the park to give dad and mom a little birthday break. 😊

First time on swings




10 thoughts on ““First Time on Swings”…

    1. In fact, I also remember a day when we sang Happy Birthday to my mom, and brought her breakfast in bed. I asked her how old she was, and I remember her grinning and saying, “How old am I? I’m 37!” So it must’ve been in ‘49, and I was all of 4!


      1. You have an amazing memory. The first time I was aware that birthdays for parents meant they had a real number for their age, my mother was 42 years old. From that day on, any time age was mentioned, I pegged Mom at 42. She died just after her 80th birthday, but to me she went to her grave still being 42.

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