What’s Wrong With Me?! – my new book, now available!

It’s my personal medical story told in a little book. It’s a LOT smaller than this MRI machine!

MRI Machine
MRI Machine: – a Siemens Magnetron Trio 3T photo (cc by Penn State)

“A slew of strange symptoms were beginning to hold me hostage. That’s actually a pretty fair metaphor, since by the end of the siege I couldn’t go outside – not even on the balcony. Stick around, it gets worse. I mean funnier. It gets funnier!

Five years ago I published some posts relating my medical saga. Recently I decided to put them together into a little e-book. The price is very little, too! 99¢ USD!

My experience is an example of how you can pretty much get used to anything. But it sure helps if you can find a great doctor who can explain what’s wrong with you… and treat you for it.

The book is up on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and Amazon sites in many other countries. It’s also viewable on the free Kindle reader, which works on any device.


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