Imagining the Unimaginable

Suppose Trump gets re-elected with the help of voter suppression, dishonesty and other modes of cheating…

  • Peaceful protesters in the streets are gassed, shot and/or disappeared into unmarked vans.
  • Members of the press, seen as the true “enemy of the people,” are banned from covering all government events. (On Fox “News,” only the voices of “loyal” hosts, e.g. Carlson and Hannity, are heard.)
  • Trump ensures that only his family members and closest “advisors” are privy to his thoughts and decisions. They adore their power; their loyalty is assured.
  • Trump keeps on cutting taxes for the wealthy 1% while continuing the impoverishment of all other Americans. “Entitlements” such as Social Security, unemployment benefits, etc. are withdrawn.
  • Trump proceeds to imprison Americans he deems “disloyal” or “traitorous,” starting with those who testified against him at the 2020 impeachment hearings, as well as those who wrote tell-all books about him – including his own niece, Mary Trump.
  • Constitutional Amendments are nullified or themselves amended to eliminate long-established and hard-won civil-rights legislation, e.g. freedom of speech, of the press, and of all sorts of discrimination based on gender, race, etc.
  • The Supreme Court, now 6-3 in favour of the far-right, outlaws abortion again. Many women die in self-induced abortions or under the knife of back-alley “doctors.” Many are forced to mother their unwanted children.
  • The BLM movement is seen as a “terrorist organization” and any attempted rally or protest in this regard is speedily put down with arrests, gassings and shootings.
  • Trump begins to sound, look, and act more and more like Mussolini and Hitler every day. Reportedly he is growing a moustache. He is named by Putin an “Honorary Citizen of Russia.” He is thrilled.

Some of these have already happened or are in the process of taking place. Some may be coming. Half of the country rejoices. Half of the country weeps. The bright promise of America, Liberty’s lamp held on high, symbol of hope and freedom, is flickering out.

Mussolini + Hitler 1940
Public Domain: Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, June 1940 (NARA)

Is the end of “The Great American Experiment” inevitable?



5 thoughts on “Imagining the Unimaginable

  1. The Great American Experiment was a hypocrisy, not a democracy, from day one. The land was stolen from the indigenous peoples, who were then systematically exterminated by government sanction. The land was worked by African slaves, some of whom were owned by the “founding fathers”. Slavery was government-sanctioned. New immigrants have been “welcomed” with suspicion and racial bias. Racial inequality, religious persecution and gender inequality have existed from the start and still exist. Healthcare is not a right, it’s a privilege for those who can afford it. The divide between the wealthy and poor is enormous. Not exactly liberty and justice for all.

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  2. This country has never been what we’ve hyped it to be. We have a long way to go – and may never get there. Probably not in my lifetime (what’s left). On the bright side, there really are a lot of decent people in this country. Thoughts of what could happen in November to January are keeping some of them awake at night, believe me.

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