“New York, New York!”

Last week I flew from Montreal to New York – specifically, Long Island… to visit my son and daughter-in-law, whom I hadn’t seen in over two years! (No thanks to you, pandemic, and border closures!)

Here’s a little overview of my wonderful trip, squeezed into a whirlwind of four days of activity (my son Jeremy, as my “co-host,” had only a few days off work).

Inside Air Canada Airbus 223 as we were boarding.

Leaving: my takeoff over Montreal’s West Island!

Airbus223 map
Arrival at LGA – La Guardia, NYC!

Family to see, things to do, doggie to meet and food to eat!

Jeremy, Lucy, new pup “Lolita” – a cutie-pie little Shih-poo

Jeremy and tired me 😊

Lolita – lots of energy at 9 months of age:

We were hungry, okay? 😅

Time to go – it went so fast! I sure hope we get together again before another two years go by. Here, have a look at the magical fountain in the middle of La Guardia airport terminal!

Annie on loveseat
I guess Annie was happy to see me back home… although you could say she was a little “laid-back” about it. 😜

Of course we did other stuff too, but I admit I didn’t always think of snapping photos. Thanks soooo much for everything, dear Lucy and Jeremy! See you in the not-too-distant future I hope! 💗💞🧡

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