Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer – the Laurentians & Montreal, 1930s

As our summer has inevitably wound down into September, let’s take a last long look (a look of longing?) at these carefree bygone days.

My mom and some of her family
My mother’s family posing by the lake at St. Lin – July 1935. L-R: my father-to-be Sam, then-boyfriend of my mother Ida, on his left; four of her sisters – Lil, Ethel, Bertha and Edie; their father David (my grandfather); and my Uncle Mel – the revered only son in the brood of eight.

It’s astonishing to me now to realize that all of the younger generation in the above photo are in their twenties! My mom is 22, her boyfriend all of 23.

This next picture was probably taken more toward the end of summer, 1937, but I include it as it fits chronologically, and also I wanted to include my mom’s mother, my grandmother Liba, who I called Bubby. She features in another post of mine here.

Bubby & Zaidy
Liba and David Merovitz – 1937, Outremont, Que.

My grandparents proudly pose in front of their duplex at 753 Outremont Avenue, in Montreal. Several years later two of their children – Mel, the only boy, as well as the youngest girl, Edie – would enlist in the service. Luckily they both came back in one piece, which is how I acquired eight cousins, thanks to those prolific two and their respective spouses!

This last photo features the young married couple, that woosome twosome, better known as Sam and Ida – my parents.

Sam & Ida, Val Morin 1938
Sam and Ida Rosenburg, Val Morin, July 1938. My parents look right at home in their bucolic surroundings. Don’t you love the playful ribbons in her hair?

These early photos always bring a lump to my throat – the innocence of the time, the calm before the storms of war, and the blossoming of new generations to come…

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