Friday (Belated!) Follies #6 – 3 mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”!

The Grammar Cop had a busy week and regrets her tardiness. Get a whiff of these obnoxious goofs!

  1. “…he has flown many sweep areal shots in Hollywood movies.” CNN.COM – I suppose they would indeed be “areal” shots if they were photos of “areas”…  But my dictionary (dictionareal?) says the spelling should be aerial, as in “flying, up above, birdlike, etc.
  2. Hold onto your hats: “We feel privelidged and honored to serve our…” I will not name the perpetrator of this horror. However I will say it was in an ad. Yes. An ad that someone paid good money for, to appear in a newspaper, which will also remain unidentified, as I am feeling compassionate today. Of course: privileged.
  3. “(he) says he was given more or less free reign from…”  THE SUBURBAN – The Grammar Cop sees this incorrect word choice time and time again. It is rein. Free rein is the phrase, it refers to the act of holding a horse’s reins loosely so that the critter is more free to go wherever it wants, and as fast as it wants. (I’m using it because we don’t know if it’s a mare or a stallion. Just sayin’.)

That’s it for this week

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