Friday Follies #8 – Three mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”!

The Grammar Cop sometimes gets weary. She sees the same errors over and over again. But then she has to remember: for her – okay, for me – these well-worn gaffes are oldies, but for many people they’re apparently something new. So with some newly acquired compassion, I will now take gentle aim at this week’s lot.

  1. “Make sure user’s get the best price…” – THE DAILY MAIL  Once again, with feeling: ‘s = possessive.  Adding simply an s = plural. So this should have been users. (Here, they are not described as possessing anything.)
  2. “It can only auger well for the future.” – THE SUBURBAN  (Nope, they still can’t afford me as a proofreader.) What’s wrong with this? Well, a dictionary will tell you: when you are talking about something that foretells the future, the word is augur. The incorrect word they used, auger, is a drill, or that snakey thing used by plumbers.
  3. “alot” – EVERYWHERE, ESPECIALLY ON THE INTERNET   I have not figured out why this eyesore should be so widespread. If people read good books, magazines and newspapers that are literate, then odds are they will be literate too. You will never see “alot” as one word in any decent publication. Even the aforementioned Suburban – with no proofreader on board – knows that it’s two words, a lot.

The Grammar Cop needs to lie down and get a lot of rest now.

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