Time Goes – the song!

Back on September 23, I posted the lyrics to a song I had written many years ago (circa 1986). Now here is the song itself, which I just had digitized.

Please note that this is *not* me singing it. Why? Simple: I didn’t like my voice, so I hired a singer (a Concordia U. voice student), paying her all of $45 and a dozen bagels! I also booked a studio in the Plateau for a half-day, so well worth the $200 which was big money for me then. The great thing about the place was that – aside from the kick-ass sound quality – the owner, Ian Cooney, arranged harmonies, played guitar and bass and sang on one of the tracks as well.

(I love the studio name: Cooneytunes! I’m not sure if the one I googled now is the same place.)

There were two other songs recorded on the demo tape that morning, which you can click on afterwards if you feel like it.

6 thoughts on “Time Goes – the song!

  1. Ok so I will admit that I love, love, love folk music! Now a true folk music lover may think that my favorites are too commercial but I love Simon and Garfunkle, Joanie Mitchell, Peter, Paul and Mary and the list goes on. Our church had a folk group that would play during Mass and I just loved it!

    Now….to YOU…
    I loved all three Ellie, but I think that “Country Man” is my favorite!
    You are such a talented person! How do you contain yourself? LOL!!!
    Just brimming all OVER the place with creativity! LOL!!!


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