7 Things I’ve learned not to do in 70 years

Some tough life lessons… 😉

  1. When in doubt, don’t. (Nine times out of 10, it’s best.)
  2. Don’t move too fast. (It usually ends with broken glass and/or blood on the floor.)
  3. Don’t overeat. (I don’t really want to feel like a stuffed sausage.)
  4. Don’t wear sandals when it’s below 16C. (Ice cubes for toes = not good.)
  5. Never use a public toilet without first checking for toilet paper. (You need an explanation for this one??)
  6. Do not undertip! (…unless you want to be glared at with a look that could kill.)
  7. Never engage mouth before switching on brain. (Still a struggle for this blurter!)

This almost-70-year-old will probably think of more items tonight while attempting to fall asleep… which could actually be Number 8: Do not end your blog post prematurely. (But it’s too late now!)

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