How This Babyboomer Realized It’s Time to Get New Glasses

So I’m catching up on the Free Press, one of my favourite small newspapers here in West-end Montreal.

I like it for its lists of community events along with stories on interesting people and places – and a smattering of local news. Anyway, a page full of real-estate ads caught my eye, with photos of beautiful interiors and exteriors I can never afford. I say I can’t afford them because they all seem to be in areas known to be very expensive. I’m scanning these ads, and…

eye chart
Photo (cc) by Christopher Octa

… Holy smokes! Expensive is right! This one here is over $14 million! That’s a pretty penny, for Montreal. What about this one next to – yikes! This one’s also $14 million! Waiiit a second. That one too…? And that one?! What the he- OHHHH!!!! <slap forehead> As I peer more closely, squinting, I suddenly get what’s going on!!

No, Montreal hasn’t  turned into the hottest real-estate market in Canada!  What I was reading as (for example) $14, 873, 2136, was actually: 514.873.2136. A phone number.

514 is the Montreal area code.

I would cry… if I could only stop laughing.

One thought on “How This Babyboomer Realized It’s Time to Get New Glasses

  1. You had me wondering for a second there! I know Montreal is said to be a wonderful place and all, but $14 million! I love this kind of silly little mistake, which is just as well since I spend so much of my life making them. 🙂

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