7 thoughts on “I changed…

    1. Uh-oh, that’s true, on the phone the background colours don’t show. (Not enough room to show a framing colour all around.) So you’d need to see it on a larger screen, i.e. desktop, laptop or tablet. Yikes, I forgot that.

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      1. Hi K, I’m replying to your Nov. 2nd comment re the bg still not apparent on your desktop! Totally bizarre! Looks fine on mine at home (iMac) as well as at work (PC); also on my daughter’s Mac. How big is your monitor? How big is your browser window? Can you try stretching your browser window to the full size of your monitor?


  1. So it has been explained to me this way: My “background” colour shows up on my desktop screen as a sort of coloured frame around the white column (with text in it) that goes down the centre of my browser window. If someone views it on a smaller screen, the coloured frame (what I call the “background colour”) disappears. I had thought that the whole screen image would just shrink down to scale, but it doesn’t. If it did, the text would be too small to read comfortably. Anyway, that’s what I’ve been told. Sorry for any confusion!


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