Friday Follies #13 – A bunch of mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”!

Hello friends! Today the Grammar Cop presents a mixed bag – all gleaned via the ubiquitous Internet. (“Ubiquitous” is one of my favourite words, along with “quintessential” and “scintillating.” Just sayin’.)

  1. “The actress did not appear to be accompanied by either of her three children with estranged husband Ben Affleck, Violet, Seraphina, or Samuel.” MAILONLINE –  This is the website of the UK’s Daily Mail. They should know better. The use of “either” implies a choice: one of two. Here the actress (Jennifer Garner) has three children, so the word “either” should be changed to any, so that now it says she was not “accompanied by any of her three children.”
  2. The second error I found has somehow disappeared from the site that featured it last night! Perhaps someone pointed it out to the perpetrator – I do recall what it was, though. The article had said that someone was “gauled” by something-or-other. Of course it should have read galled.
  3. Okay, this one is an exception to my rule, which is that I don’t normally point out mere typos. If I did, the Grammar Cop’s job would never end! Typos can be excused most of the time; they happen to the best of us. However – there are times when they should not happen. Example: I came upon a website that promises to help writers self-publish their work. But read what they say on their Contact Us page:

“Are you an articulate and passionate writer who is seeking to support vitally needed public dicussion in Canada or internationally on a particular issue(s)? Are you writing interests related to our charitable public educational mandate? E-mail us to explore how we can potentially work together. Unsolicited manuscript and short essay proposals are welcomed.”

There are three typos in that one short paragraph! Oh, and further down, you see this:

They’re going to help you get published? How much credibility do they have now, in your eyes? They sure don’t have much in mine, if they can’t even invest in a proofreader for their website.

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