Friday Follies #14 – A bunch of mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”!

OK, the Grammar Cop is taking the easy way out tonight. This is guaranteed to make you go “arghhh” along with me!

Apparently the creators of this ad didn’t read it, didn’t notice and didn’t care; or they have a broken apostrophe key and a broken hyphen key on their computer keyboard. This is the conclusion I’ve come to, and I’m sure you will too when you read it. I’m reproducing the offensive wording and (lack of) punctuation below. See how many errors you can catch.


of the developers last units!

  • 9 ft ceilings
  • Marble or granite in the vestibule
  • Coffered ceilings with crown mouldings in vestibule and living area
  • Kitchen counter top with 1 ¼ solid granite bevelled edge
  • Master bathroom/marble tile floor & shower surround.
  • 24 hour security guard with video recorded surveillance.

Me again. It only takes a proofreader, or anyone with a firm grasp of fifth-grade grammar and punctuation, five or ten minutes to fix this.  It’s worth finding this person and paying him or her if necessary. Really. Don’t you agree?

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