2 Americas

We Canadians are a pretty observant bunch, generally speaking. My friends and I, for example, have been steadily observing the election-year craziness south of our border, and it’s become exceedingly clear that you actually have not just one country, but two

The breakdown looks roughly like this:

Republican – Democrat

Rich – Poor

White – Nonwhite

Christian – Non-religious/other

Red states – Blue states

Southern/midwest states – Northern states

Interior states – Coastal states

Gun-lovers – gun-haters

Rural – Urban

Anti-Abortion – Pro-choice

Anti-gay rights – Pro-human rights for all

My friends and I have lived an average of six decades or more, and never before have we seen your country this polarized. Not even JFK vs. Nixon. Nor McGovern vs. Nixon. Certainly not in all the areas listed above. You can cut the country with, well, a knife – although I don’t like that violent image.

I am starting to think that maybe the U.S. ought to be divided in reality, each side with its own government, to match its political divisions… along the lines above. That way, those who like to be covered by health insurance, for example, can have it. Those who don’t, can live on the other side. Those who love their guns, can have them. Those who don’t, other side. And so on. With maybe Donald Trump’s wall between them.

I am only being slightly facetious. Your thoughts?

7 thoughts on “2 Americas

  1. America divided even slightly facetiously can never happen.
    It”s in the Bible ~I mean the constitution.
    Is Canada one country. IMHO no it isn’t. Quebec for example has been
    enjoying de facto separation for a long time.

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    1. Well, their constitution might equal the Bible for some of them, at least, but still I think the country might be better governed as two separate entities. Right now there’s been a stalemate for years since a liberal President and an arch-conservative majority Congress are always at each others’ throats over just about everything.


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