Welcome to my revamped site!

Welcome to my friends and followers, and to any of you who are new. So glad you’ve stopped by!

Today marks a big change for my modest little blog: it has grown into a full-fledged website. Thank you and kudos for all the technical help and support given to me by my daughter Kathryn Presner and her friend, Alex Ruaux, both WordPress experts. None of this could exist without you!

Take your time, dear visitors – check out the expanded menu items, including new and reordered sections. Note that the promised reports on my book’s progress will appear among my blog articles.

Stick around as long as you like. Please feel free to engage, whether via comments, questions, ‘likes’ and so on. You might want to become one of my ‘followers,’ which means you’ll get an email notification whenever I post something new. If you landed here by way of my Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn updates, and you like what you see, you’re very welcome to place a link to my site on your own page or post.

Thank you… and come back again real soon!


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