P.S. – Focus Friday #3 / Giveaway Winner Announced!

(Jan. 27, 2017) I won this little contest! Thanks so much to Jessica Baker, whose blog “The Daily Rejection” (Don’t you just love that title, fellow writers?!) featured my winning writing prompt plus Part One of her fabulous story. It’s included here, below. Thanks again, Jessica, in advance, for my prize – the great gift basket you carefully assembled!

Edit: Oh dear! Sadly, I see now that the author of The Daily Rejection blog has taken down her entire site. Therefore my quotes from it were removed too. So sorry! Anyway, I won her contest for “Best Writing Prompt,” which went like this:

When the angel rang the doorbell, Claret was annoyed. He’s early, she thought.

Feel free to use it as the opening sentence of a story, and share it in the comments below if you’re so inclined.

Second Anniversary!!

Hi all! I’m delighted to announce my blog’s second anniversary! It was June 28, 2015 when I timidly but gamely set forth upon this writing adventure. And I’m thrilled and honoured that you clever readers have joined me on my journey. To mark this happy occasion, I’d like to repost the first piece I wrote for Crossed Eyes and Dotted Tees, which will stand in for today’s Friday Follies entry. Hope you like it (again)! 😀

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