Social-Media Sabbatical

Yep, it’s that time once again, for a refresh, renewal, and regeneration…

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Greetings, my fine followers! I’ve made the major (well, at least for me) decision to take a break from all social media for a while. That includes Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Quora. Oh, when inspired I’ll write a post for my blog here on, and put a link to it on FB. But I really find that reading and commenting and posting on all different platforms takes up far too much time. I haven’t mentioned email which also eats up hours. (I subscribe to a number of news sources. Maybe I should cull those?!)

All of that keeps me away from reading books, of which I have hundreds awaiting attention on my Kindle.

Please don’t hesitate to share important news with me on FB Messenger. And I will check in with Mariposa occasionally so as not to miss one of their fantastic shows!

Thanks for your time, lovely people!

As someone once said:

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