Three Years Later

With over 330 followers and 35,000 views, it seems that this blog’s very important number is “3”…

…and today marks my 3rd Anniversary as a WordPress blogger!

Cheesecake with three candles
Photo: Cheesecake (Explore) (cc) by Zdenko Zivkovic

Since June 28, 2015, my blog has gone through several phases. For the first few months, I mainly posted pieces I’d written before, sometimes years earlier. All I had to do was lightly edit them, and copy/paste them into the WordPress editor. You might say I was nervous, just dipping a toe into the waters of the blogging world.

Then came my attempts – at first hesitant, later more confident, to write some posts from scratch. And finally I took the boldest step of all: I decided to write a book! As my regular readers know, this eventually became my memoir, Surviving Hollywood North: Crew Confessions from an Insider.

My second book soon followed – a collection of short pieces I coyly named First Kiss and other True Fiction.

I must say that I owe all of my increased confidence to the practice gained in these pages.

And dear readers, you’re now looking at my 475th blog post! Thank you so much for sticking with me in my blogging journey thus far.

Please join me tomorrow for the Friday Follies “Summer Adventure Quiz”!



18 thoughts on “Three Years Later

    1. Thank you so much Gerri! You’re a very special sister blogger, as one of my first readers here as well as a beta reader for my memoir! So appreciated! And I love your blog too – your comments on crazy NYC signs are always so amusing.


  1. Ellie – I am surprised to read this is just your third anniversary on WordPress. As a veteran writer, I figured you had more years under your belt. I’ve enjoyed all your posts since I started following you, and especially have liked the posts you’ve sent me from the past on topics that we have something in common. With 475 posts and two books under your belt – where do you go from here? You have 333 followers as of my comment – get thee to a lotto agent and play that combo! 🙂

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    1. Of course I’ve been writing all my life – just erratically, shall we say. Feast or famine. It seems to be my nature. 🙂 I plan to start a third non-fiction book but am hesitating (okay, procrastinating) for a bunch of reasons. While putting that off, I’m writing what seems to be either a short story – or novella – or – dare I say it, novel? Have to see what develops. I seem to have begun drawing a compelling main character; have to see where he takes me. 😉
      Thanks, Linda, for all your encouragement! xoxo

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      1. You are a pro and shoot for that non-fiction book #3 – the Great American Novel, er … the Great Canadian Novel. Brava that you have several irons in the fire and I like that you encourage me too Ellie.

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        1. Thank you for sending me this link Ellie. I knew you were an accomplished author, but didn’t know your origins were quite that deep. We mentioned favorite childhood books one time and you mentioned the Cherry Ames books. I’ve never read them but read “The Bobsey Twins” series instead. When I took my journalism classes, I remember from creative writing that the first paragraph was the “clincher” where you hook the reader in and had to get that “when, where, why, what and how” in that first part of any story … I guess it would be the same for a book as well to get their attention. I would not think the middle would be as pithy as the beginning or end. I learned a new word: “nascent” and I looked it up. I learned not too long ago that “Brava!” was sending kudos just to a woman. I have to say I never heard the word “Brava” before and likely would have thought it was a typo. 🙂

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        2. Re “nascent” – on second look, I think it was redundant to say the “nascent beginning” of her career – or whatever I said. Boo hiss. 😀 Re use of “brava” – whenever I see it, which isn’t very often, my first thought is “picky, picky”! Lol Speaking of “picky,” the spelling is “Bobbsey Twins.” But hey, you were probably around 4 when you read them, so who can remember, right? Lol!!!

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        3. That’s okay – I’d leave it. It sounded fine as you had it. I’d never heard of “brava” … I was surprised she had misspelled “bravo” so I Googled to see. Picky, picky indeed. She is a writer as well – wrote a column for years. I was in a blogging group through and we exchanged our posts and commented on them – not critiques, just comments. One of my fellow bloggers put on his Facebook page, that I needed more followers (I didn’t ask him to do that) and he circulated my latest blog, so three of his friends subscribed. One was Terry Marotta. She comments about once a year – her last comment was “brava” and I had to go back and read what I said for goodness sake. I should have Googled “The Bobbsey Twins” to see if I spelled it correctly. I’m not sure how old I was. My parents were avid readers and I had a basket of Golden Books and graduated from them to the “Bobbsey Twins” … never Nancy Drew or Cherry Ames. Maybe I was too young at the time?

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