Friday Follies: Summer Adventure Quiz

As promised, FF followers, here is your midsummer Quiz, while the Grammar Cop puts her feet up and takes a well-earned holiday.

Choose the correct answer to fill in each blank line. (No, you can’t type on here! Find a napkin and a pen! 😀 ) There are 30 answers in all, each worth one point, so scoring will be out of 30. (Correct answers are given at the end. Don’t peek! 😉 )

  1. She ____ her flashlight so she could see better. (shined, shone)
  2. The bear stood on ____ (it’s, its) hind legs and roared so loudly that the girl dropped her flashlight.
  3. They read in ____ (they’re, their, there) camping manual that ____ (bare, bear) meat doesn’t taste ____ (too, to, two) good.
  4. The ____ (rein, rain, reign) had a bad (affect, effect) on their camping plans.
  5. They should ____ (of, have) stayed home and played Scrabble instead.
  6. Next time they should ____ (sew, sow, so) their tent flap more tightly so the bear wouldn’t ____ (tear, tare) it ____ (of, off).
  7. Sometimes the manual gave good ____ (advise, advice).
  8. One good thing it ____ (adviced, advised, advized) was to check your car’s ____ (breaks, brakes) before your trip.
  9. For sure ____ (its, it’s) going to be a very long time before the next camping trip!
  10. The family decided that they ____ (loath, loathe) camping.
  11. They still didn’t ____ (breath, breathe) easily when thinking about the bear!
  12. Next time they’ll give themselves free ____ (rain, rein, reign) to ____ (chose, choose) a better vacation.
  13. It would help if they didn’t ____ (lose, loose) their mind over every little noise.
  14. They should also pick a better area; there are huge ____ (swathes, swaths) of land where there are no bears!
  15. Many such places are discussed in social ____ (mediums, medias, media).
  16. ____ (Its, It’s) a sure bet that ____ (their, they’re, there) next trip will be more fun!
  17. Maybe it’ll even cost less ____ (then, than) what they ____ (paid, payed) this year.
  18. Maybe they’ll go way up north to see the Aurora Borealis ____ (phenomena, phenomenon).
  19. Perhaps they’ll sing songs again like they ____ (sung, sang) last time.
  20. If they ____ (infer, imply) from the overcast skies that it looks like rain, for sure they’ll stay home; they’ll certainly suffer ____ (fewer, less) bug bites.


ANSWERS: Scroll down. Scroll waaayyyyyy down!









Answers (30):

  1. shone
  2. its
  3. their; bear; too
  4. rain; effect
  5. have
  6. sew; tear; off
  7. advice
  8. advised; brakes
  9. it’s
  10. loathe
  11. breathe
  12. rein; choose
  13. lose
  14. swaths
  15. media
  16. It’s; their
  17. than; paid
  18. phenomenon
  19. sang
  20. infer; fewer


Scoring out of 30:

26 – 30: Congrats! You’ve really been paying attention! Pat yourself on the back!

22 – 25: Not too shabby! Keep on reading these FF columns! You’re getting there!

16 – 21: Fair-to-good. Keep on reading FF!

15 or less: Oh noooo! Immediate repair is needed! You should go back and read all 141 previous Friday Follies columns (again). 😁 And next time you’ll do much better!

Questions? Concerns? Leave a comment!


18 thoughts on “Friday Follies: Summer Adventure Quiz

    1. O.M.G.!!!!! Of course it is!!! Would you believe it’s a typo??! I stuck the g in there by mistake! Of course I know it’s “rein” – if you look back on previous FF posts, I addressed this many times! Arghh! Thanks Eilene, I’ve fixed it now!!! Ay yi!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Great score!!!
      Ok, think of it like this:
      He shined his shoes. He shined the silverware. (He’s a keeper, isn’t he?! 😀 )
      But: The sun shone all day. She shone in the school play.
      So: “shined” takes an object. “Shone” does not.


  1. I am bruised from clapping myself on the back – I wanted to take this quiz today since it was late when I was on Reader last night. Thank you for keeping us on our toes. Over here in the U.S. they say the word “shone” like the word “hone” and when I was in 6th grade, I had to read aloud and the sentence was “The sun shone brightly.” I pronounced it like “hone” and the teacher and the class roared laughing, the teacher ridiculed me. My first year in the U.S. Humiliating. Awful. I wanted to go back where I came from where we said “shone” like the name “Shawn”. And I learned “scone” to be pronounced the same way, though over here they pronounce it like “shone” – go figure.


    1. Wait, so where were u living when in 6th grade? Your tale has me confused… did I miss something, re “shone”? A teacher who humiliated a kid should be fired! Or I would think of a good humiliation for him/her, so s/he can see what it feels like. 😡

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Ellie – We moved here to the States after I finished grade five. I had just turned 10. I had one year of elementary school which was grade six with this idiot teacher who ridiculed me. The kids laughed at me for speaking proper English and my Canadian accent. It was a horrible time and I had been on the honor roll, loved school and after we moved here, I hated everything about school. I had some other instances in school in junior high, which were equally horrid. My mother did not drive and had medical issues which prevented her from walking to school to speak to the principal or a counselor and my father had a bad temper and I never told my parents what was happening at school. I wrote this blog and it explains it better. Also, I wanted to walk in a 5K this Summer and it got rained out … it was for bullying about a teen who committed suicide because of classmates who bullied her (online). I would have linked to this blog. I also had to get a PPO in later years from a nut case who stalked me with letters and postcards and rode the bus with me. We rode the bus for years, and I rode the bus with him and his wife at that time. I knew her for decades as she was also a Canadian, and lived with her mom at home, and was a legal secretary. I liked her and he married her then I had to have him removed from the bus and I’d see her in downtown Detroit and she would not speak to me. I tried to explain once – she rebuffed me. However, he lost his job, as did she, and he murdered her, then committed suicide. It was terrible to find out, but also a relief. Here is the post … this was my blog when I first started blogging. I often used no pictures, and liked a one-word headline and very few paragraphs. I think I’ve improved in presentation. The blog is longish for when you have time:

        Liked by 1 person

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