Oh, to be 4 again!

I find these photos so evocative. It’s not just that they were taken in the glorious fullness of summer, which seems eons away right now. It’s not just that each one includes an image of little me from 60-something years ago. No. It’s the innocence. It just wafts right off of the screen, don’t you find?

Top left, l-r: My brother Dan, cousin Mike, and me, at Missisquoi Bay. Back when a “bath sheet” towel wrapped all around me two or three times.
Top right, Mike and me, in a quiet corner of Belmont Park, by the Back River.
Bottom left, me checking the bathwater temperature, Val Morin. Do you remember those galvanized steel tubs?
Bottom right, I’m holding a kitty (what else is new?), Val Morin.

Ellie's kiddie pix

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