Book Progress Report #3

Phew! I’m proud to report that I’ve reached 26,550 words on my book, Our Driver Has No Car: Tales From the Trenches of Hollywood North. I’m very pleased with myself, as I doubled my output over last week. Since I only write on one weekend day, I’m happy!

I’m about to start Part Seven, and I’ll have three more parts to write after that one. I have to say, this memoir stuff is a lot more exhausting than I thought it would be. I’m used to writing short pieces as you’ve seen in my blog, but that’s nothing like the 97 pages I’ve done so far on this project.  It’s so tiring, a Strain on the Brain, if you will, trying to remember salient facts and conversations from twenty years ago; I’m pooped!

Off I go to stretch another part of my brain – in the kitchen, trying a new recipe – Southwestern Soup, subtitled “This hearty soup is a real family pleaser and stomach filler.” Just what I need now, to fortify myself to watch the Oscars. Hey, it’s a long slog! 🙂

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