Friday Follies #29 – 3 mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”!

Welcome once again to the Grammar Cop’s House of Language Horrors. Here we go again.

  1. This was in our only English daily, the MONTREAL GAZETTE. In an otherwise-good article on Sidney Poitier, it says, “In 1964, Sidney Poitier won an Oscar for his performance in Lillies of the Field.” Now, I could maybe forgive a typo (no I couldn’t!) – but it made the same mistake twice more! Couldn’t anyone have fact-checked/edited/proofread this article? If someone had, the actual name of the movie would have been discovered: Lilies of the Field. Grrrr.
  2. From an ad in THE SUBURBAN, one of our delightful [cough] weeklies: “Sanctuary accomodates up to 1,000 guests.” One word: Spellcheck. Accommodates isn’t so hard – one just has to remember to double all the consonants. Well, except the d. and the t. And the s. 😉
  3. Again in THE SUBURBAN, in an article on, of all things, bridal bouquets: “Bring as many pieces of your wedding planning toy your florist – such as a picture of…” Now, as you know, the Grammar Cop does overlook the oodles of typos that pollute our newspapers, menus, ad circulars and so on. Otherwise she would run out of citation forms. And our jails would become overcrowded. But – just read that again. Doesn’t the word toy in the context of planning for a marriage conjure up a fleeting thought of something… that shouldn’t appear in a family blog, let’s say?


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