Friday Follies #42 – 3 mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”!

Today’s batch of boo-boos are as annoying to the Grammar Cop as mosquito bites. And you all know how you hate those!

  1. From THE SUBURBAN: “Embrace the refined lifestyle of this remarkable, lush, famly oriented neighbourhood.” Yes, this is from an advertisement. I can (almost) overlook the missing “i” in family, since it’s probably a typo. Still, someone should have caught it. But the bit I find really silly is the missing hyphen. It should be family-oriented neighbourhood. See that?
  2. From INDEPENDENT.CO.UK: “The planet will reach it’s closest point on Monday, and should be visible in the sky for…” Once again: The possessive form of it, is its. NO APOSTROPHE. Thank you, media everywhere!
  3. From THE SUBURBAN again: “When Soccer Quebec held its’ annual state of the season address by president…” First of all, note the abomination that is its’ – there is no such thing! See #2 above for the possessive form of it. It is its – and it never changes. Second of all, “state of the season” is wrong, since it is an adjectival phrase modifying “address,” and such phrases take HYPHENS, as follows: state-of-the-season address. Why, oh why, are some people so deathly afraid of hyphens? They don’t bite!

I have to lie down and rest my eyes now. They hurt from being seared by such errors that have no place in public forums.


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