Friday Follies #48 – 3 mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”!

The Grammar Cop’s collection of this week’s baddies includes one from a weird website and two from Column B. I mean, two from our indomitable weekly newspaper, The Suburban.

  1. GLEEMS.COM – “Grizly Remains Of Abandoned Aircraft” – that is the headline blaring (in 24-pt. type) the fact that they can’t spell grisly. A grizzly bear had nothing to do with this, either. And there is no such word as “grizly.”
  2. THE SUBURBAN – An ad for a construction company proclaims: “Add On’s & Extensions.” It seems that the person responsible for this little horror decided on a whim to insert an apostrophe where none was required. The term add ons is NOT used here in the possessive sense. So why an apostrophe? (I would, however, like to add a hyphen between add and ons… because it is a complete phrase unto itself, so the words making up the phrase should be joined by a hyphen.
  3. THE SUBURBAN – Speaking of hyphens, the person responsible for this next ad seems to really have a bad case of hyphen-o-phobia (as described in several previous Friday Follies posts). In ONE AD we have: “Limited Edition Living.” “Family oriented neighbourhood.” And this gem: “fronting on the soon to be redone Langhorne Park.” All the phrases need hyphens, due to the rules of compound adjectives. I’ve given links for these rules before. You can view the links in Friday Follies #43.

It was a grisly group of glitches this week. Let’s hope the Grammar Cop can’t find as many next time!

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