Goodbye, Mom. I love you.

Exactly 11 years ago I saw her for the last time. My friend, daughter and I went together to the Jewish General Hospital to see my mom. She’d been suffering from congestive heart failure for many months, sliding inexorably downhill.

As we entered her room, she was just hanging up the phone!

“Oh hi,” she said, weakly, a smile of delight on her otherwise wan face. “I was just calling you, dolly,” she said, using her favourite nickname for me. Well, good timing then, I thought! Here I was, and with her granddaughter and my friend (who was also her recent caregiver), in the flesh.

We made some small talk as best we could, and then my daughter broke out the pièces de résistance: photos of my mom’s beloved little dog, Boo-boo. Boo-boo, who rarely left my mom’s lap when she’d been home, was now in the care of my daughter’s in-laws. Keeping up his spirits were their two black labs, so he was in good company.

Booboo +adopted sister
Mom’s “little boy,” Boo-boo, with one of his adoptive sisters.

Mom was so happy and relieved to see her “little boy,” as she called him, apparently happy in another home without her. She’d been so worried about him, knowing how attached he was to her.

We all kissed mom good-bye as we were leaving, and I told her, “See you soon.” But it was not to be. The call from the hospital came at 3:30 a.m. She was 92. She was at peace.

It was wonderful that we had that last visit with her. But really, we must remember to tell our family members and friends how much we appreciate and love them. There is only today. Tomorrow may be too late.

mom pic0001
My mom, Ida (Merovitz) Rosenburg
with her Yorkie mix, Boo-boo (BooBoo)

14 thoughts on “Goodbye, Mom. I love you.

  1. So very sweet and touching Ellie. My mother passed away in 2012 at the relatively young age of 66 and I miss her every day.

    No doubt, these four-legged babies were excellent companions for your dear mother.

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    1. Thanks G. It’s sooo easy to write about someone you love, don’t you find? Oh my, 66!! Tsk. I’m so very sorry for you, losing her so young!! It’s so hard, isn’t it, especially when you’ve been close. Time eases the pain a little but it’s still there. OH our pets are sooo affectionate and consoling, always!! ❤

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