Friday Follies #55 – 3 mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”

Hi, grammar buffs! This week the Grammar Cop’s flashlight shines on several strange examples of wording – especially strange since they are all in a “Back to School” supplement of our infamous local weekly. I mean, they might be par for the course in the error-ridden Suburban, but in a supplement focusing on education… really?

  1. “…he felt disinterested, unmotivated, and disconnected to what school had to offer.” Oh dear, where to start? The writer seems to have a blind spot for prepositions. Here’s a quick rundown: One is disinterested in something. One is unmotivated by something. One is disconnected from something. In none of these cases is the correct preposition to, as the author has it.
  2. In a (rare) ad placed by a pediatrician: “Accepting sick children for same day or next day emergency visits by appointment only.” What? You mean, “Hi, my child here has a fever of 103. Oh, I have to make an appointment? You only have space for tomorrow? Okay, we’ll come back.”
  3. In a pharmacy ad: “Many seasonal front store products.” I cannot begin to guess at what this means. Any takers?

This “Back to School” supplement has to go back to school.

2 thoughts on “Friday Follies #55 – 3 mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”

  1. One of these days I might write out my grammar complaints. Usually I just correct them in my head and keep reading. Is that taking tolerance too far?

    This summer I found myself correcting our grandsons’ mistakes verbally. There was a moral obligation there, and they understood I was compelled to do it.

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    1. Anne, I too used to correct them in my head… until one day my head was so filled with them it felt like it would explode. So I started this blog series instead. 😀 As far as your compulsion, I can relate!! A moral obligation, indeed! If not us, who?!!

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