Friday Follies #63 – 3 mistakes that make me go “Arghhh”

Due to an unpleasant temporary gastric upset (I won’t be more detailed than that… and even that’s probably TMI), the Grammar Cop wasn’t sure she she was going to manage her Friday Follies column. But wonder of wonders! She is better! So here you go – a few spelling disasters for you.

  1. MONTREAL GAZETTE: (At least I think it was the Gazette. I tore it out and forgot to note where I took it from. Sigh.) Anyway, here’s the offending text, in an advertorial for New Look glasses, in the context of golf: “With the New Look lenses, they can still see their scorecard or make a put.” Of course the writer should have put putt. 😉
  2.  THE SUBURBAN: “…regardless of which of the hospitals in the English stream their patients may be treated at on any particular ocassion.” I think I learned how to spell occasion in Grade Five. This was in the editorial! Yes, the editor’s first language isn’t English. But they all know that, so where is a proofreader to look over his work?
  3. CNN: Actually this was in their closed captioning. Yes, I know, technically it’s the fault of the company who does the captions (and we know how bad they are), but I didn’t have much reading time this week… ay yi!  Here: “…reigning in the cost” – No! It’s rein! The Grammar Cop has addressed this reign/rein confusion about a dozen times before. (If curious, just pop the word “reign” into the search box next to the title of this piece.)

WANTED: good editors and proofreaders! Adios, au revoir, ciao!

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