Book Progress Report #11

Hi all! As you will cleverly figure out, this is an update to my last update, which was Book Progress Report #10. If this seems like a never-ending process, that’s because it apparently is. (Insert eye-roll emoji here.)

Photo (cc) by Servando Miramontes

Aside from the waiting game – waiting for query responses until spiderwebs form upon your phone/computer screen/mailbox – you must remain ever-eager to toss new and improved queries into the cyber-ether, hoping for further invisible replies. Hard to keep the enthusiasm level perpetually high, without the ol’ positive reinforcement kicking in at least occasionally.

I did get one request for a full manuscript of my memoir. Oh joy! But no response from them so far in the eight weeks since. Oh darn!

It doesn’t help that I have begun to be very proficient in the latest procrastination techniques. I say it doesn’t help, because I do believe that this is a numbers game. It’s a bit like the adage, “you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.” It improves the odds if we buy lots of tickets, right? Similarly, we must send out lots of queries. A tedious prospect. But even as I say this, I’m gearing up to write more. Many more!

So thanks for “listening”… and stay tuned for Book Progress Report #12, coming soonish!

2 thoughts on “Book Progress Report #11

  1. Getting a request for a full manuscript sounds very positive. I’m not sure the long wait is necessarily a bad thing. I have read elsewhere on the Internet that it can take a really long time for anyone to get back to the writer, even if it’s with good news.

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    1. Hm. I was so sure that no news was bad news. He had seemed kind of enthused about it, so… you know? Another thing, which I left out in my ‘progress report’: I gave him a little innocent ‘nudge’ after a month: I emailed him, sweetly and politely, with “Hi there, xx, hope you’re fine! Just wondering if you’ve had a chance yet to read my manuscript. I do hope you like it. Well, cheers…”
      Pretty much like that. And that was… about six weeks ago. Nada since. Sigh. Hope you’re right, though. Thanks for the encouragement!

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