Friday Follies #72 – 1 mistake that makes me go “Arghhh”

I debated whether to place this post in the Friday Follies section, or in my IMHO (opinion) area. But Friday Follies won out, if only because what happened today encapsulated what has to be the biggest Friday Folly I’ve seen in a very long time.

I’m not going to recap the past year and a half of American politics. If you’ve read a newspaper, watched TV news or hung out on intelligent social-media sites, you’re up to here with it all. I will just say that I’ve never felt so pessimistic since, well, maybe the day Nixon was inaugurated. So that’s going back a ways.

What an inappropriate inaugural speech! It took my breath away with its inaccurate characterization of the past eight years, during which a brilliant man overcame the worst odds against him and established huge domestic improvements (crime rate, unemployment rate, auto industry etc.). Yes, it’s not all perfect, but definitely better than what he inherited! But listening to you-know-who, you’d think the US is ready for the trash bin.

What hypocrisy – America First? Made in America? Guess you’ll have to move all your factories to the US, Donald, and get a(nother) new wife, plus all new construction contractors – if they haven’t quit yet due to non-payment of their wages.

We’ve got to keep our voices heard, and call out injustice whenever apparent. Whether we’re American, Canadian, British, Australian, or from any other country where civilized people live, people who want peace and progress, not stone-age policies: we must shout from the rooftops when necessary – don’t let this ignorant fool ruin the USA, and by extension, the rest of the world.

We must stay strong.

3 thoughts on “Friday Follies #72 – 1 mistake that makes me go “Arghhh”

  1. I find the current trend for isolationism in world politics very troubling. So many world leaders are so terrified of the outside world, scared of people and places they don’t fully understand. And their fear turns into the sort of horrible rhetoric we hear from you-know-who, Marine Le Pen in France, the Brexit supporters in the UK etc.

    I believe we’ll get through this period because there are just too many decent people to be silenced by these cowardly, self-serving xenophobes. Progress will prevail despite this monstrous step backward but you’re right, we must make our voices heard. Stay strong and keep speaking.

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    1. Sigh. Yeah, I thought there were too many “decent people” for DT to become the nominee, and then to actually get elected. Boggles my mind.

      I feel a tad safer than you, though, ensconced as I am here in Canada. We’re not as paranoid. (Although many Quebec francophones – especially in rural areas – seem to have that circle-the-wagons mentality.)

      Crossing my fingers for impeachment to catch up with the orange one. I sure hope you’re right re progress prevailing. Thanks for your encouraging thoughts!

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