Poems for Li’l Kids #5 – A Poem Puzzle

Fifth in a series of fun little poems for very little kiddies.

A Poem Puzzle

Hi! I’m a poem,
And I’m sure that you’ve heard:
In order to help me,
You must find the last word.

It’s really quite simple
To do it, you see…
All you must do
Is just finish me.

You can try it right now,
As you come or you go,
You can be medium,
Fast, or else           .

You can say the word softly
Or give a loud shout;
You can do it while in,
Or do it while          .

Words can say nice things,
Words can sound bad.
They can make you feel happy,
Or sometimes feel          .

Some words are colours
Like purple and brown.
Some are like stairs,
They go up and come          .

What can you do?
Can you tie a bow?
Can you jump high?
Or can you bend          ?

Some words sound loose
While others are tight;
Some seem all wrong
But some are just          .

You can jump on the ground
Or reach for the sky
This poem’s now ended
So let’s say good-          !

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