79 cents is the new 5 cents!

So I’m at the cash in IGA, the closest supermarket where I always shop. I’m waiting my turn, and as usual my eyes wander… to the candy counter next to me.

First thing I spot are these:

Bunch o' Oh Henry! bars
Photo (cc) by Mike Mozart

…which right away take me back, waaaayyy back – to 1954. The summer  before I turned 9, I was a busy, clever girl. What was I doing? Well, with my fabulous 5¢-per-week allowance (occasionally subsidized with returns of pop bottles), I bought one of these chocolate treats every week. Oh, they were the small size, maybe about three inches long, but mmmm, so good. They looked like this inside:

Oh Henry! bar - cross section
Photo (cc) by Schoko Riegel

You’re looking at peanuts, caramel, vanilla fudge and chocolate. Yes yes: pure sugar, okay? I know. I’ll talk about sugar in another post, but just for now, let’s enjoy these babies!

So here’s the thing. They each cost only 5¢, and what I would do is, every week, I’d put my purchase away. I’d stack ’em up in a small drawer in my bureau. No one knew they were in there but me. I’d add to them and add to them, never partaking of even one! It was, in a way, like a savings account, except instead of money, I was saving… chocolate bars.

Finally, when the drawer was about two-thirds full, I could stand the waiting no longer. I started to eat them… one per day. I’d take them to school for a snack at recess.

They lasted about a month. And do you know what? They were the most delicious five-cent chocolate bars I’ve ever had in my life, and furthermore, it felt as though they were free! (The fact that I had indeed paid for them was by now a distant memory!)

So I’m standing here in the IGA, eyeballing these bars, drooling a bit, when I notice – the price. Seventy-nine cents! They weren’t even bars! They were labelled “eggs.” Hmph, not even egg-shaped, I thought, feeling one of the small packages (in the familiar wrapper). This is an imposter, I decided. And 79¢ yet! I didn’t buy one.

But I might go back tomorrow…

21 thoughts on “79 cents is the new 5 cents!

    1. Hahaha! Thanks! Now I’m off to read about your cruise!! (I did one, a small one a long time ago, ’87. Another post one day! Inspired by you!! 😀 )


  1. We never had candy bars when I was a child. It’s my own fault. I was too much of a miser to spend money. You lived it up! Good for you! I didn’t begin to buy candy bars until our children were of Trick or Treat age. I still buy candy for the neighborhood Halloween crowd, knowing only Logan will come. I buy his favorite of the moment and mine. Fallout is great!

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    1. I’m curious to know, did your teeth benefit from the dearth of candy in your childhood? You must’ve had happy and boring dentist appointments. No?


  2. You’re in trouble. Now, you will go back at some point and either buy more or there will be other folk who have a similar O Henry fever and there won’t be anymore. You’d best get off your badoonka now before it’s too late.

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      1. Awww, but you don’t have the chocolate to make the cold all better.

        Side note…I kicked that penchant for chocolate and recently realized it just wasn’t a big deal anymore. I reckon cause sweets inhibit my sleeping. Sleeping is pretty important.

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  3. I’m impressed by the willpower you had as a child! There’s no way I’d have been able to resist eating chocolate bars for long enough to allow the drawer to become two-thirds full. I doubt there would even have been as many as two bars in any one place at the same time.

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