The latest meow from my Annie

Cat haters, this isn’t for you. You may leave. The rest of you, sit! Stay! Meowrrr…

Annie on lap
Her Highness, Annie, on her fave spot. Me.

Who knows what she’s thinking here? Probably something like, “Don’t you dare move. This bed is comfy just as it is.” Or on the other hand, maybe: “Hmmm. It’s been a while since you fed me, woman!”

Look, I’m a sucker for that face. I just think she’s so gorgeous… as cats go. Especially when you compare how bedraggled she looked when she was first rescued by our angel, Karen Hillsdon and her husband. Here’s how Annie looked back then, three years ago, after roaming loose outside during the most freezing winter ever 😦

Annie when she first came to me, as a rescue from a very harsh winter - 2014
Pitiful, wasn’t she? But those eyes… those intelligent, feisty eyes!

Okay, just one more pic, I promise. Here she was last night. I was watching an episode I had recorded of The Nature of Things. It was a fascinating documentary on cats, enlivened by the host and narrator, the wonderful David Suzuki. Suddenly she saw a kitty she liked, scooted right up to the screen and sat herself down in a “front-row” spot on the edge of the coffee table, about a foot-and-a-half away. This was my rear view of her from my  recliner:

Annie - Nature of Things

What can I tell you. Annie’s a fun and funny room-mate!

22 thoughts on “The latest meow from my Annie

    1. Totally agree!! My province, Quebec, has just passed a law that “animals are sentient beings” (as opposed to things)! This is a great start to being able to really throw the book at animal abusers.

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  1. Well I did find Annie and when I found Annie and when I started reading this post, I realized I had seen it before, so I had “met” Annie after all. Maybe you linked to it in your cat cafe post or it appeared as a similar post in Reader. Annie is a beauty and she has come a long way hasn’t she? Her Highness is very beautiful Ellie.

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