Bird on a Wire

So it seems I have been “challenged” by my good friend and fellow WordPress blogger, Lady G., to share one of my favourite music videos with you. She gave me free rein as to my pick, so it’s got to be this one.

I find this absolutely sublime. The musical artistry of Joe Bonamassa and the lyrics of Leonard Cohen, and the way it builds – it gives me the shivers! Mm, MMM! Yeah!

James Preston Thomas, YouTube

Thank you Joe, thank you Leonard! ❤ ❤

6 thoughts on “Bird on a Wire

  1. That was great, and your right about the way it builds gives you a shiver.
    I had never listened to Cohen till recently. Someone mentioned a song he finished just before he passed on. “Traveling Light” I love that one.

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  2. Wow! At first I didn’t think it was going anywhere fast. But you’re right, Ellie, it “builds!” Lady G is right: it is a “slow burner!” Great pick!

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