MS Anniversary – 20 years

In 1997 my diagnosis finally came – not as a shock – but as a confirmation.

MRI Machine
MRI Machine: – a Siemens Magnetron Trio 3T
photo (cc) by Penn State

A couple of years ago I blogged about my saga in successive posts, called:

What’s Wrong With Me!

What’s Wrong With Me! Episode Two: MRIs Don’t Tell Lies

What’s Wrong With Me! Episode Three: 1997 – The Plot Thickens

What’s Wrong With Me! Episode Four: Hell and Back…

What’s Wrong With Me! Episode Five – Saved by the Net

What’s Wrong With Me! The Final Episode.

And now? All is (pretty) great, the symptoms are under control, and I can’t complain about a thing. As long as I can walk, talk, and type, the sky is (sometimes) blue, the U.S. (sometimes) has a sane/fab president, we have a sane ‘n’ sexy PM… 20 years on, LIFE IS GOOD!

12 thoughts on “MS Anniversary – 20 years

  1. Hi Ellie, Glad to hear that you are doing OK. You are definitely one of the lucky ones. My best friend from grammar school was diagnosed with MS about 44 years ago (she had just become engaged). She’s still married to the same guy and had 3 sons. She is now using a scooter to get around but she is one of the most upbeat and positive people that I know. She really is an inspiration. So glad that you are doing OK and continued good health. Take care. Anna

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    1. Thank you so much Anna!! Thanks for reading and for telling me about your amazing friend. Some people are so incredible, the way they rise above adversity! They should bottle their secret and sell it, lol!


  2. Stick with the sexy PM, dear. it fits in with your positive attitude. Leave that other burden for us unfortunate Americans to bear for you!

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